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Specify Aadhaar link deadlines, says SC

The Supreme Court on Friday sent a clear message to the public to not panic, when it directed mobile service providers and banks to specify the last dates of linking mobile numbers and bank accounts to Aadhaar in the SMSes and e-mails they send to millions of subscribers.

No action against note ban petitioners

The Centre on Friday nformed the Supreme Court that those who had approached court for deposit of their scrapped notes would not face any criminal action.

Article 35A is not part of the Constitution of India

Jammu and Kashmir Advocate General Jehangir Iqbal Ganai on Friday said Article 35A, which is being contested in the Supreme Court through a number of petitions, 'is not part of the Indian Constitution'.


The Japanese Pivot

The budding alliance of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald is a crucial point of evaluation for the leaders of Asia. At a time when certain world leaders work hard to hide their disdain for the U.S. President, the Japanese PM became a staunch supporter and a phone friend. This bromance has boosted Mr Trump’s first official trip to Asia on November 5- 17. The trip also includes a three- day stop in Japan with plans for meetings with the Emperor and Piko-Taro. However, the undertone of the visit lies in the close alliance between the countries of Japan and the U.S. Mr Trump has lacked a proper articulated Asia policy. This visit would be an opportunity for Mr Trump to showcase the region as to what the U.S. intends for the region. But it needs to be carefully watched many of its indications of how far Japanese PM Mr Abe is willing and able, to guide Mr Trump’s into his policies in Asia. When it comes to Mr Trump, consistency is not the right word. Earlier, he has sent out many erratic signals which were highly confusing for the Japanese. Despite this, Mr Abe continued to court the US President, becoming the first ever world leader to visit him in New York while Mr Trump was still President-elect, joining Mr Trump on the golf course in Florida, and chatting with him over the phone up to four times per week. This strategy has been beneficial to Japan as now there is little danger of Japan’s greatest fear —of being abandoned alone by the U.S. to its own personal military devices. Mr Shinzo Abe’s role as Mr Trump’s moderating and an alliance-building guide to Asia can be a crucial step in determining the outcome of global politics. The concern as of now would; however, be whether Mr Abe is duly capable of going from courting US President Donald Trump to shaping him.

Suu Kyi in denial

Nearly three months after cases of violence erupted and escalated against the Rohingyas in the Rakhine State of Myanmar, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi visited the region only in the recent times. The violence which escalated to a severe situation led to the exodus of more than a million of residents to neighbouring Bangladesh. During the visit, Ms Suu Kyi had very less solitude to offer. This is a highly disappointing thing to see. Ms Suu Kyi earlier endured many years of house arrest and hostility from the military junta just before emerging victorious in a proper fair election. However, despite that the civilian government’s powers of Suu Kyi have been highlighted as the military still has held over the defence, home affairs as well as border issues. A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Ms Suu Kyi has found it much pragmatic not to challenge the social rhetoric in the country of Myanmar, which suggests that the military’s actions were aimed at handling “terror” in Rakhine. Ms Suu Kyi conduct during the visit to Rakhine region this week suggests that the leader has no intention of bringing any real or meaningful change in the government’s position on the Rohingyas. The Rohingya at present have been left to settle with themselves- unwanted and stateless in their home state and forced to migrate to other areas in hazardous conditions. The Myanmar government has stated that it would repatriate the Rohingyas returning if they prove they were the original residents of Rakhine. This situation is poor considering how the refugees will be able to prove so having been denied their due citizenship and having to flee their villages under duress with nothing in hand.

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