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Supreme Court refuses to defer Ayodhya case hearing

The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused requests by appellant parties from the minority community to defer the hearing in the Ramjanmabhomi-babri Masjid land dispute till after July 15, 2019, that is, post next general election

GST opens up a lot of data for policymaking

The Chief Statistician of India on the economy, the meaning of the new series of GDP data, and the need to wait for the impact of demonetization to unfold

China, India vow to protect globalisation

In the first major follow-up to the September talks in Xiamen between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, top economic planners of India and China on Tuesday set the goal of leading a new wave of globalisation by synchronising their emerging economies.

China to stop funding CPEC road projects

China has decided to temporarily stop funding at least three major road projects in Pakistan, being built as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, following reports of a corruption.

Arun jaitley begins pre-budget talks

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday began his pre-Budget consultative meeting process by seperately meeting representatives of agriculture grous and trade union groups.


Of Crime and Punishment

Police reforms and political reference often mingle. This is more happening ever since the Supreme Court judgment of 2006. The annual publication of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) ‘Crime in India 2016’ highlights a grim picture of the performance statistics with only 47% convictions in IPC crimes at the national level. Delhi presents an interesting picture where no political interference can be seen in the police reforms as the Police Commissioner directly reports to the Lieutenant governor rather than the Chief Minister. The national capital is perhaps among the top cities to have the largest number of police stations. Despite that, it falls short of convicting and filing charge-sheets to the accused. The role of the police should be not only about reporting and recording but also filing charge sheets and properly convicting the accused. This is actually what affects the criminal behavior. To make the police force effective, reforms and systematic changes are required in the department. Like there should be a proper line drawn between accountability and the operational responsibility. There is also a need for a separate wing of crime investigation as well as for law and order. The criminal administration should focus on prevention of crime rather than bringing about social change to the country. Only this would reduce the crime rates and bring about a change of behavior in the people.

New India Formula?

The Centre recently took a quick step in notifying the presidential order within five days to the authority responsible for setting up the Fifteenth Finance Commission. The constitutional body is responsible for suggesting roadmaps for financial benefit as well as to share all resources effectively between the Centre and the States. The Commission who recently conducted preliminary discussions with stakeholders has a period of fewer than two years to submit its report by October 2019. By accepting the 14th Finance Commission’s recommendation regarding raising the share of the States in the divisible pool of taxes to 42% from the earlier 32%, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed the State Chief Ministers that even if it means less financial resources the Modi government has made efforts to strengthen the States capacity in moving away from a feasible ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The Centre urged the Finance Commission to finalize a tax devolution formula keeping the ‘continuing imperative of the national development programme including India-2022’ in mind. The Centre is deeply committed to compensating the States effectively for any revenue losses occurred to it due to the implementation of GST. The necessary procedures to do this include formulating performance-linked incentives for the States and improving the Ease of Doing Business situation for them. The Centre, as such, has a huge task at hand.

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