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SC rejects plea for single school board

A three-judge Bench of the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, on Friday dismissed a petition filed by primary school teacher Neeta Upadhyay for 'one nation, one education board' to end disparity in knowledge dissemination during the formative years of a child

India gambit in Russia power play

As Russian President Vladimir Putin readies for the 2018 election, an Indian choice is likely to be crucial for one of his favourite loyalists.

Jerusalem move draws more flak

New protests flared in West Asia and elsewhere on Sunday over US President Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a move that has drawn global condemnation and sparked days of unrest in the Palestinian territories.

US, Japan, S Korea to hold joint track drills

The US, Japan and South Korea will hold two days of missile tracking drills starting on Monday, Japan's Maritime Self Defence Force (SDF) said, as tensions rise in the region over North Korea's fast developing weapons programme.

WTO: diverse views fuel bleak prospect for outcomes

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) Buenos Aires meeting commenced amid concerns on support for anti-globalisation, protectionism and bilateralism.


Crunch time at WTO

As the leaders participating in the World Trade Organization’s 11th biennial Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires seek to open up future contours of the multilateral global trade, the pressure on the United States is imminent and impossible to ignore. The proposals trade ministers forwarded included the ones relating to new rules on the trade subsidies, elimination of the support for unsustainable fisheries as well as the regulation of e-commerce. Perhaps the most common and notable agenda item on the Ministerial is a joint proposal from India and China which seeks elimination of the most trade-distorting farm subsidies that are worth $160 million in several industrialized economies. This proposal is backed by more than 100 countries. Though the host country Argentina cautioned that the joint proposal may cause problems, the US gave a lukewarm response and also suggested that the Ministerial meet should serve as a better forum for reflecting the changes and the developments rather than shaping the substantial agreements. Another factor is the permanent solution to large subsidies which underpin public stock-holding programmes for bolstering food security in the developing world. The G.33 coalition- including the countries of Indonesia, China and India look for a complete exemption from all commitments of reducing subsidies from the poverty alleviation programme. New Delhi on its part has declined further to negotiate any trade-offs on the mentioned proposal in Buenos Aires. EU, as well as Brazil, has expressed support for the G.33 coalition vision on public stock programmes seeking in return the agreement on their own proposals for reducing trade-distorting subsidies on a percentage basis. the crisis of WTO is further heightened by the combative approach of the US President on the multilateral institutional framework which caused much tension and worries for the trade leaders of WTO.

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