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Show collective will to build a New India, says Modi

In his shortest Independence Day address yet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sketched out the broad contours of his idea of a ‘New India’ as one that was free of communalism, casteism, terrorism, corruption and nepotism, and also one that would require the citizens to do their bit to create it.

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Crisis-hit Gorakhpur hospital staggers under patient load

The Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur draws a large number of frantic families with sick children from places like Deoria and Khadda, 60 and 100 kms away and even beyond, because local hospitals cannot give them intensive medical attention.
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Assam, Manipur can now decide on AFSPA

The Union Home Ministry is set to give up its power to impose the ‘distrubed areas’ tag on Assam and Manipur, both ruled by the BJP. The move effectively means that it will be the States decision to either continue the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act or revoke it.
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Kanjia lake undergoing restoration

The Kanjia Lake- a wetland of national importance and lifeline for wildlife at the Nandankanan Biological Park (NBP) here- is now undergoing restoration as workers are clearing the dense thickets that eclipsed the lake’s beauty and choked its water drainage.
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Future perfect?

The PM looks beyond his term to a developed, corruption-free India. But is there a road map?
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Caution from a sobering Survey

Given the macroeconomic context, India should have recorded higher economic growth this year.
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No case for an all India judicial service

Centralising recruitment will not address the multiple problems in the judiciary
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Trump, Modi review progress of June initiatives

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the progress of a series of bilateral initiatives kicked off during the latter’s visit to the U.S. capital in the last week of June.
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Chinese incursion bid foiled

The Indian Army on Tuesday foiled an attempt by Chinese soldiers to enter Indian territory along the banks of Pangong Lake in Ladakh resulting in stone pelting that caused minor injuries to people on both sides, officials said.


Future Perfect?

The Independence Day speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi focussed on creating a New India free of casteism, communalism and terrorism among others. His vision of New India is a long term vision for the Indians- a vision lacking a clear roadmap. The PM highlighted the achievements of the last three years of rule in the government. This speech was more directed to the domestic audience encouraging them of the achievements they can achieve as a collective team India. Unlike last year, when the PM made no mention of the issue of Kashmir, this year Narendra Modi went on to say that the issue cannot be solved by ‘bullets’ but by embracing fellow Kashmiris and that violence in the name of religion and communalism is not at all acceptable in the country. in case of relation of India with foreign countries, the PM only mentioned the surgical strikes carried out in Pakistan without any mentioned of Doklam standoff or China. His speech this year is a long term plan focussed to transforming the country into a brighter place in the next five years- as such, the PM is sure thinking of a glorious second term.

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