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BJP keeps Gujarat, wrests Himachal from Cong

Gujarat's voters handed the BJP its sixth straight victory in the Assembly elections, but tempered the win by reducing the party's numbers to 99- its lowest tally since 1995

Trump to unveil 'America First' plan

Prioritising national sovereignty over alliances, President Donald Trump is poised to outline a new national security strtegy that envisions nations in a perpetual state of competition, reverses Obama-era warnings on climate change, and de-emphasises multinationa agreements that have dominated the US's foriegn policy since the Cold War.

Sri Lanka requests Russia to lift ban on tea imports

President Maithripala Sirisena has written to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, requesting Russia to lift a temporary ban on tea imports from the island.

S354 Rohingya villages destroyed

The international rights group, Human Rights Watch, has identified 40 new Rohingya villages that were burned during October and November in Rakhine State.


For a safe cyberspace

The cybersecurity domain should be boosted and integrated into different stages of policy and planning to ensure proper functioning. India is a topmost player in the digital and knowledge-based economy. The country holds more than a 50% share of the outsourcing market of the world. Digital tools like Aadhaar, MyGov, Government e-Market, DigiLocker, Bharat Net, Startup India, Skill India and Smart Cities all are giving the country a push into a major technological transformation. Currently, the third largest hub of the technology-driven start-ups, the Information and Communication Technology sector of the country is estimated to touch $225 billion landmarks by the year 2020. However, these achievements of the country come side by side with a major problem- an innovation in technology, enhanced connectivity as well as increasing integration of commerce and governance. This makes the country one of the most vulnerable countries in the global cybersecurity scenario. According to an Indian Computer Emergency Response team's report, India has been attacked by 27,482 threats till June 2017. Of this, Ransomware threats have been the major count which has affected many data and users across the country. In such a time, there is an urgent need for proper policies and plans to tackle the threats and bring cybersecurity to a developed domain. It would make the Internet safe, open and universal for all users.

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