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No, no, no: SC on instant triple talaq

A historic 3:2 majority judgement, delivered on Tuesday by a multi-faith Constitution bench, set aside instant talaq as a 'manifestly arbitrary' practice not protected by Article 25 (freedom of religion) of the Constitution.
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Trump offers India a role for Afghanistan

The new US strategy for South Asia, unveiled by President Donald Trump on Monday night after months of deliberations, has many old elements, but in a departure from the past, it commits troops in Afghanistan for an open-ended period of time.
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Submit plan on Bellandue Lake: NGT

Expressing displeasure over the way in which the Karnataka government has handled the rejuvenation of Bellandur Lake, the National Green Tribunal has given the authorities 10 days to provide a concrete action plan to save the lake.
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ODF drive: Harsh action upsets villagers

Throuhg the villagers put up a brave face, there is a perceptible sense of discontent and anxiety in the Jahazpur region of Bhilwara district ever since the administration went into overdrive to make its Open Defecation free (ODF) programme a success.
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The deep divide within white Americans

How the US went from electing a black President to choosing a successor with little compassion for minorities
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Undoing Justice

The Supreme Court invoked constitutional norms and Islamic canon to bar instant talaq
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India welcomes Trump's new Afghanistan policy

Hitting out at cross-border terrorism from Pakistan, India on Tuesday welcomes US President Donald Trump's new policy on Afghanistan, and said his move would help target 'safe havens' of terrorism in South Asia.
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No signs of Chinese build-up

China on Tuesday reiterated its demand that Indian troops pull out from the Doklam plateau in Bhutan by pointing to Beijing's concerns regarding the revamp of India's border infrastructure.
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Doklam stalemate may continue, says officials

The stalemate at Doklam is likely to continue till the BRICS summit early next month, Defence Ministry officials believe.
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United against triple talaq, divided on legal points

Though he declared instant talaq a fundamental right, Chief Justice of India J S Khekar on Tuesday employed the Supreme Court's rare and extraordinary jurisdiction under Article 142 to injunct Muslim husbands from divorcing their wives for the next six months throug the same instant talaq.
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Trump links India's Afghan role to trade surplus

President Donald Trump, who announced his new Afghan strategy on Monday night, linked a proposal for India playing a bigger role in the war-torn country to its trade surplus with the United States.


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Shaping Wilderness

Introductiona and the use of new technological devices in the wildlife sector have proved much beneficial and also helpful in shaping up the wilderness of the country. The use of 'camera traps' have helped in locating new numbers of tiger and widlcat in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and in Bandhavgarh respectively. Also it also proved beneficial to keep a track on the number of animals and get updated information about their behaviour and any deaths if occured. New software tools and surveillance technologies have been in operation for keeping an eye across large landscapes. It is because of the use of technologies the person living back at home is able to view and observe animal behaviour and gather more information about them. Technology is closing in the gap between man and animals, between man and nature and have brought them closer to know in-depth about the changes in nature and animals. However, the aspect of technology use in the lives of the wild animals also pose ethical and aesthetic cocnerns. Like it is a sort of intrusion into the lives of the wild animals much like we as humans won't prefer being monitored constantly by software tools. As such, the use of technology should be restrained and upto a limit. It is undoubtedly true that tehcnology has brought a paradigm shift in conservation and its methods across the globe.

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