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Privacy is a fundamental right, declares SC

While saying it is intrinsic to life and liberty, the court also said that it is not an absolute right
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SC rips apart its 2014 ruling on Section 377

The nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday ripped apart its own judgement of 2014 upholding Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalises consensual sexual acts of adults in private
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Nilkeni back at Infosys as chairman

Union Cabinet approves proposal to set up commission to examine the issue
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Lohani promises to undertakes large-scale safety audit

Communicate organisation goals to ground-level stuff more effectively, says Railway Board chief
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The return of the Irrawaddy dolphin

Spotted in Chilika’s Rambha sector after 30 years following removal of illegal prawn enclosures


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Editorial: Citizen v/s State

The unanimous verdict on privacy is a restatement of core constitutional principles. Some rights are natural and inherent; constitutions only recognise them and make them explicit. The right of privacy is such a right that is hold as a fundamental right by the nine-judge bench of Supreme Court on 24 August, 2017. This verdict is necessary because the Union government argued that privacy is not a fundamental right in the course of the hearings on the validity of its Aadhaar-based unique identity scheme. The Government argued that privacy is an elitist view and “so amorphous as to defy description.” The Government also stated that privacy is already has been given statutory protection in different forms and hence no need to call it a fundamental right separately. One of the most important aspect of the judgement is declaring the sexual orientation is part of privacy and constitutionally protected that reject the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. In the case of Aadhaar, privacy would be subject to the restrictions and limitations.Privacy as a value in itself and as an ineluctable facet of human dignity and the Supreme Court breathe new life to this core constitutional principle.
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Editorial: Caste and class

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Editorial: Lessons from a fiasco

NEET should be made more accessible by bashing it on a fresh syllabus
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Endgame for Section 377? By Pulapre Balakrishnan

The argument against it must be premised on the idea of the right to equality before the law, not just privacy
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How the numbers compute By Prashant Iyengar

Making sense of the Supreme Court’s spilt verdict on triple talaq

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