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Hadiya allowed to return to college, finish her internship

The Supreme Court on Monday freed Hadiya alias Akhila from the custody of her parents and allowed her to return to Salem, in Tamil Nadu, to finish her homoeopath internship.

Naga talks still on, panel told

Naga interlocutor R.N. Ravi told a parliamentary panel here on Monday that 'no deadline' could be fixed for the naga peace agreement and talks were on with at least five or six Naga groups other than the national Socialist Council of Nagaland.

October GST collections slip to Rs. 83, 346 crores amid tax cuts

Revenue collections under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for october slid to Rs 83,346 crores from more than Rs 92,000 crores in September, according to official figures released by the government on Monday.

GST, note ban impact botomming out: Survey

The slowdown in the economy due to the demonetization and the impace of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) seems to have botommed out, a FICCI survey said.


Sink your differences

The differences between the executive and the judiciary sectors are slowly emerging in public domain. This can be highlighted in the questioning regarding the judiciary whether it trusts the Prime Minister in his capability to make any fair judicial appointments by the Union Government representatives. If one closely looks into the situation, one can see the executive’s profound dissatisfaction with the scenario of play in relations between both the sectors is evident. the recent view by the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad which states that the Supreme Court’s 2015 verdict striking down the law entitled to creating the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) highlights the distrust of the judiciary in the Prime Minister and the Law Minister. in the presence of the Chief Justice of India and his fraternity. Chief Justice Dipak Misra found himself coerced for responding that the judiciary has a firm trust in the Prime Minister just like the Constituent Assembly and the judiciary recognized and also respected the separation of powers as enshrined in the Constitution. It is evident that the differences over the process of formulating a fresh Memorandum of Procedure for the appointments are creating issues on the relationship. As such, it would be best if both the sides take on a pragmatic view of the ongoing situation and reduce their differences on the new procedure. This is necessary even if it required involves giving up some of their points and opinions.

In the Name of Faith

It is highly dangerous to push ideologies and policies in the name of faith. This would not only spread fear but also oppress the citizens. Hatred in the name of faith and religion is extremely dangerous. Violence is never justified- be it for any reason. In such a state, across India in recent times there can be seen certain violent atrocities in the name of faith and religion by Hindu protagonists. These people have become intolerant and have chosen violence as a weapon of extreme offense towards the religion they hate. Hinduism is a way of life, not an ideology to be imposed on people. The ones imposing so are losing out the true essence of Hinduism. The recent violence against the Dalits and other minority communities in the name of cow vigilantism is a major example of the same. Just because the cow is sacred to Hindus, it cannot be an excuse for showing their displeasure and violence to other groups who don’t have the same thinking. Every religion has its own values and beliefs- imposing one on the other would only cause severe situations in society. Likewise, a Muslim boy marrying a Hindu girl becomes an unholy alliance and an example of ‘love jihad’. Love is a personal choice- it has been so always and religion is a matter of pure personal faith. Mixing both is not a good thing. As these scenes unfold in the society, the authorities and the country, in particular, should take note and work towards the best of the country rather than imposing beliefs in the name of religious ideologies.

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