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Five bench statute Bench to decide on Aadhaar validity

The Supreme Court on Monday decided to constitute a five-judge Constitution Bench to hear petitions from november against the validity of the Aadhaar scheme.

Centre gets SC to freeze hearing on Article 35A

Choosing dialogue over court battle, the Centre convinced the Supreme Court on Monday to defer hearing on petitions challenging the special status granted to jammu and Kashmir, saying it has appointed an interlocutor to commence talks with stakeholders in the State.


Lessons from Kirkuk

The conflict between Iraqi government troops and the Peshmerga in Kirkuk is a grim reminder of the divide between people in the country. The government troops as well as the Peshmerga are a part of the forces fighting the Islamic State. Then there are also the American allies. The U.S. army provides air cover during the war. The Peshmerga too, receive arms and ammunition from western countries. However, neither the American factor nor the shared interests of the people in the war could prevent the conflict in Kirkuk. The grand alliance between the Kurds and Baghdad is considered a tactical move rather than strategy. Earlier in the year 2014, after the IS killed many military forced in Iraq, both the cities of Baghdad and Erbil were threatened it. The cities then put aside their differences and joined hands against the IS. After the fallout of most of the leaders and army, the IS threat can be seen receding in the wake. More recently, the political leadership push of Kirkuk for independence from the country of Iraq has alarmed Baghdad much. Despite strong opposition from the western capitals and Baghdad, President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani went ahead with a good referendum voting for independence. Baghdad retreated with a tough message by forwarding troops to Kirkuk: if the Kurds plans to go ahead with plans, it would bring to it a strong military response. In such a situation, the only country which could constructively intervene is the U.S., with the advantage of good ties with Baghdad and Erbil. The US should mediate between both sides on the Kurdish national issue.

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