The agony and the city

The recent stampede in Mumbai highlights one of the lurking death traps of Mumbai city. Call it infrastructure faults or blame on the authorities itself, Mumbai frequently come in the spotlight of news for its infamous death traps. It was just in the early September month that a residential building of Bhendi Bazar collapsed and killed 33 people. The railway tracks of Mumbai are also not lagging behind. They are more like killer tracks around 3500 people are killed each year in Mumbai either crossing the tracks or in any other forms of railway mishaps. To avoid such incidents, Mumbai dedicatedly needs to reform the governance and its working for the best. The city also needs a coordiated authority or empowered governing body to monitor and implement proper revetive measures.

Not without justice

Gujarat prides itself in rapid development and urbanisation- being the apple's eye state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi it boasts of the Gujarat Model which is about higher economic growth and achievements in the infrastructural sector of the state. However, these developments are undermined by the recent row of violence and cases of caste discrimination. More recently, a 20-year-old Dalit youth was brutally murdered justt for watching a garba programme outside a temple in Gujarat. Before that, two Dalit youths were attacked by the upper caste Hindus for only sporting a moustache. These cases of communalism and riots across the State depicts the grim situation of its beliefs and behaviour towards the minorities.

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