Only 50 items left in highest GST slab, list sashed three-quarters to ease tax burden

The highest Goods and Services Tax (GST) bracket was slashed three-quarters Friday with only 50 items being retained in the 28% slab.

Trump hails 'astounding' India growth story, Modi at Asia-pacific summit

US President Donald Trump Friday praised India's 'astounding' growth after it opened its economy and also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he has been working successfully to bring the vast country and its people together.

Don’t roll out odd-even, its not effective, NGT tells Delhi govt

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) Friday told the Delhi government that it should not implement the odd-even car rationing scheme, unless they can 'satisfy' that it is 'not counterproductive'.

LEMOA in place, US tanker refuels Indian Navy ship in Sea of Japan

In a significant step forward in the increasing military cooperation between India and the US, a US Navy tanker refuelled an Indian Navy ship in the Sea of Japan this week. This is the first time an Indian Ship has been refuelled at sea by a US tanker, an activity facilitated by operationalisation of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Association (LEMOA) between the two countries.

India, Pak to resume commandant-level talks

In the backdrop of continuing tension on India's western front, the border guarding forces of India and Pakistan have decided to resume periodic commandant-level talks for maintenance of peace and exchange of information at the border.

Trump pitches 'America first' policy at Asia-Pacific summit

US President Donald Trump Friday pitched a go-it-alone, 'America First' trade policy to a gathering of nations that once pinned economic hopes on a regional pact led by theUS, vowin g to prtect American interests against foreign exploitation.

No half measures to tackle Delhi pollution

Strengthening public transport such as Metro Rail, promoting electric vehicles, strict monitoring of construction and finding ways to use crop stubble rather than burning are some of the measures that can be taken to curb Delhi-NCR pollution that has increased to alarming levels.

On PM council table: sppeding up growth and generating jobs

Developing a road map for accelerating employment egenration will be high on the priority list of the Economic Advisory Council to the prime Minister (EAC-PM) which will meet for the first tme Wedhesday.

Passive euthanasia Bill ready, but 'living will' may be misused: Govt

The Centre on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it was vetting a draft law allowng passive euthanasia, but was opposed to permitting people to make a 'living will'- that they should not be put on life support in case of terminal illness- as it could be misused.


New Pattern of Urban Terror

The recent sniper attack in Las Vegas draws our attention to a new type of urban terror- a deadly random shootout by a 'lone wolf'. This new pattern of urban terror is different from the early terror strikes where groups of trained terrorists would attacked selected targets pointed out by their peers. Think back to terrorist attacks in India- the last major attack being the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks where a grouped of armed terrorists stormed into Mumbai through the coastline and killed 166 brave hearts in a major rampage. The India security system did its best to tackle and contain the terrorists. However, even so the police, defence personnel and the security system of India needs a good upgrade. It is a known fact that the Indian police comes second to none when it comes to bravery and courage- but they need to be fully trained and well equipped to be ready for any sort of security threat or challenge. The Centre and the political bureaucracy should take note to strengthen the defence. There should be a dynamic approach and there should be a continuous auditing of the tasks handled. This would prepare India for any changing security threat or challenges that may arise in future.

Making a Reconnection

The recently chugging off Bandhan Express which runs between Kolkata and Khulna strives to strengthen ties between the countries of India and Bangladesh. The distance between the two places is 170 km and the new weekly train between the two cities is a positive step. The new train, which was inaugurated by the Prime ministers of India and Bangladesh as well as the chief minister of West Bengal is resuming after a span of 52 years. Earlier, another service- the Barisal Express- was canceled during the 1965 India-Pakistan war. The relationship between India and Bangladesh has been a positive one since the visit of Sheikh Hasina in the year 2010. Even in security front, Bangladesh has been sensitive to the concerns of India. India and Bangladesh ties surely seem to be on the good track.

Don’t Ban, Say NO

The ban on firecrackers by Supreme Court would affect many people at large- from the shopkeepers and dealers who sell firecrackers and eagerly look forward to it to the people who wait for the festival with much fervour. The Supreme Court could have imposed a regulation on the timings of the bursting of firecrackers rather than imposing the ban. No doubt now there would be a underground market selling firecrackers at inflated prices. This would further affect the people and the festival of lights- Diwali. It is a well known fact that Delhi atmosphere becomes a topic of discussion after Diwali each year, add to it the stubble burning in the neighbouring states which adds woes to the situation. The atmosphere becomes heavily congested enough to pose difficulties of breathing and cause infections to the people. However still, the Court could have done away with a strict regulation rather than imposing a ban altogether. It would have been much better had the Court urged the Government to intensify promptly its actions in influencing the public will under a careful watch.

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