Manmohan to Modi: Show more maturity, stop tarnishing every Constitutional office

Prime Minister Narendra Modi fearing 'imminent defeat' in Gujarat, is spreading 'false-hoods' and 'canards' and is setting a dangerous precedent by hs 'insatiable desire' to 'tarnish' every Constitutional office, Manmohan Singh said Monday.

India, Russia call for joint action on Delhi-Beijing talk to strengthen trust

Even as China continues to block consensus over Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Maulana Masood Azhar at the United Nations Security Council, the India-China-Russia trilateral, for the first time, called for cooperation to take decisive and concerted action against globally proscribed terrorists and terror entities on Monday.

One in three Internet users in the world a child, says UNICEF

One in the three Internet users in the world is a child, yet too little is done to protect them, UNICEF's State of the World Children's report released on Monday said.

Explosion injures 4, causes stampede in New York subway, bomber is Bangladeshi

A Bangladeshi origin man, wearing a homemade device, trigerred a blast at a metro station in New York City during the morning rush hours, infuring four persons and causing chaos in one of the busiest commuter hubs in the metropolis, officials said.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on cinemas after more than 35 years

Saudi Arabia Monday lifted a decades long ban on cinemas, part of a series of social reforms by the powerful crown prince that are shaking up the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Raise social security measures, stick to fiscal roadmap: economists to FM

More social security measures such as hike in old age pension, widow pension and full implementation of maternity entitlement benefits were sought by leading economists in their pre-budget meeting with finance minister Arun Jaitley on Monday.


Coin of Vantage

Bitcoin is going into mainstream nowadays slowly, bit by bit. It is moving away from the libertarian agenda of its invisible creator and turning slowly into a speculator’s dream. On Sunday, Bitcoin futures began trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a rage now, being appreciated for more than 16 times over 2017 and with many speculators looking forward to boosting it. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will also start trading Bitcoin futures from 18th December. Even Bank of America was granted a patent for cryptocurrency good exchange system for businesses. These attempts are to fit in Bitcoin in the formal financial system- a stark contrast to what it was designed to do. Bitcoin was launched in the year 2009 out of pure disgust for the Wall Street bailouts as a good peer to peer payment system with foundation on privacy and immune to any artificial forces affecting fiat currencies. However, efforts were soon on to absorb the Bitcoin in the bank mediated system which it was supposed to bypass. Bitcoin then flourished on the dark web and was inaccessible to normal browsing methods. With the massive response and acceptance to Bitcoin, the banking systems and markets all want a piece of it. As a good payment system, the Bitcoin has started to create a footprint in the economy and as a financial instrument, it transformed into a vehicle for an electric gold rush accelerating towards a good terrific cash.

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