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China has not shared monsoon river data, says India

A day after receiving support from Japan over the Doklam border standoff, India Friday upped the ante against China, saying that the country has not shared ‘hydrological data’’ on the Brahmaputra river since May 15, which was a process put in place through bilateral pacts.
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Infosys war out in open, CEO quits, board blames Murthy

Citing ‘unrelenting, baseless/malicious and increasingly personal attacks’ against him, Vishal Sikka the first professional CEO since the exit of the original founders of information technology services giant Infosys Ltd announced his resignation from the firm Friday.
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Vacant posts, hygiene lacking: Central team on Gorakhpur hospital

Eight of 12 senior resident posts lie vacant, only three of 31 nurses are trained to handle newborns, poor parents are forced to buy disposables and consumables, and the most basic infection control norms like washing hands and use of disinfectants are not being followed.
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Replace bureaucrats in SAI with professionals: PM’s Olympic task force

The task force appointed by the Prime Minister to chalk out a roadmap to improve India’s performance at the Olympics has recommended ‘significant restructuring’ of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), urging that it should primarily be responsible to run ‘academies of excellence’.
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3 days on, govt confirms ‘incident’ in Ladakh with Chinese soldiers

The external affairs ministry on Friday confirmed that ‘an incident’ involving a violent scuffle between Indian and Chinese soldiers had taken place on the banks of Pangong Lake in Ladakh on Independence Day.
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Gorakhpur: HC asks govt to submit inquiry findings

The Allahabad High Court on Friday directed the Uttar Pradesh government to submit the findings of its own inquiry into the recent deaths of more than 60 children at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College and Hospital while maintaining that it will set up an alternate judicial inquiry into the matter only if it is not satisfied with the government’s findings.
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Maharashtra told to submit report, cyber cell advisory to parents soon

The Centre has told the Maharashtra government to submit a report on the two suspected case of teenagers found involved in the online ‘suicide game’ Blue Whale Challenge.
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Air pollution ups stress hormones, meddles with metabolism

Breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike, new research suggests, which could help explain why long-term exposure to pollution is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a shorter life span.
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Bellwether in Crisis

Sikka’s exit from Infosys points to unresolved issues of corporate governance. Industry needs to address them urgently
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A healthy partnership

Strengthening of public health services must go along with leveraging of private sector resources
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A Thana Coloured Saffron

UP CM’s encouragement of religious displays in police stations is troubling
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Remaking the Board

BCCI is resisting reform, but the case for an overhaul is strong
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Infosys stock plunges 9.6%, investors lose over Rs 22, 500 cr

Infosys shares on Friday crashed by 9.6% after the tech firm’s chief executive Vishal Sikka quit following a welter of charges and denials between him and the company’s founders led by former chairman N R Narayana Murthy.
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New fluorescent blue Rs 50 note soon: RBI

The Reserve Bank of India will soon issue new fluorescent blue Rs 50 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi New Series bearing the motif of ‘Hampi with Chariot’ on the reverse, depicting the country’s cultural heritage.


Bellwether in Crisis

The exit of Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka has created a huge up storm in the corporate sector of India which is trying its bit to deviate into a new image and not to seem obsolete. Though conflicts between large managements haven’t been a new thing in India or the world, this conflict and the exit have raised the eyes of many. More so, because the sole man who is blamed for the exit of Sikka is none other than one for the influential founders of Infosys- N R Narayana Murthy. Vishal Sikka has all the backing from the board of directors who are charging Murthy entirely for the impromptu exit. Vishal Sikka preferred well to exit than to respond to the ‘continuous drum beat of distractions and negativity’ over the past few months. Murthy earlier charged overseas acquisitions, spending, executive pay-outs severance pay as well as deteriorating standards of corporate governance in his own say. Sikka on his part, choose rather to step down and let the company move on under a new set of managers and professionals. This episode of allegations and exit is undoubtedly a unfortunate incident- more saddening because Infosys was seen as a bellwether company and a giant organization of the IT industry having good corporate standards. Amidst such a tussle, the government, policymakers and investors should evaluate that it is conflicts like these that affects the image of the corporate sector and also highlights the reality facts behind leading corporate firms of the country.

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