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5 km from face-off with China, high alert but conflict far from minds

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Track was under repair, Rlys cracks whip on top officials

Hours after a preliminary probe report indicated that the Kalinga Utkal express derailed due to negligence on the part of those carrying out track maintenance work at Khataudi yard, The Railways Ministry on Sunday sent three top officials, including a Railway Board Member and a Zonal General Manager ‘on leave’ and suspended four others.
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For prompt action, govt to set up three new juvenile justice boards

In a bid to ‘minimize pendency of cases’, the Delhi government is planning to set up three more juvenile justice boards (JJBs) in the city.
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Ghost Towns

Sold to thousands as the future of urban housing, dozens of societies in Noida and Greater Noida lie unfinished, fuelling anger and anxiety among home buyers.
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Day after, long wait to take bodies home

Toll climbs to 22, GRP registers FIR and waits for Railways probe report
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Understanding the debate around ‘compassionate capitalism’

Narayana Murthy’s constant battle for ‘democratisation of wealth’ reached a flashpoint last week. The debate on corporate salaries, which has raged for long in both India and the West, is complex
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Gruff warnings and a funny video: reading mixed Doklam signals in the Chinese media

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Winner Takes All

Election Commissioner Rawat’s brave and wise warning against the deforming of political culture must be heeded
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Where freedom has gone

As a society and as individuals, we are quick to succumb to the temptation of being unfree
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Who owns my Data?

A citizen-centric data eco-system is necessary to protect privacy
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No Mughals in Maharashtra

Because no academic discipline frightens an authoritarian government more than the history of its own country
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Seize the Doklam crisis

India must use this moment to announce a set of long term measures to improve military readiness vis-a-vis China
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Deuba’s diplomacy test

The Prime Minister’s India visit will be closely watched by China


Where freedom has gone ?

India is caught up in contradictory tendencies in its 70th Independence year. the prime of them is to transform the country into a global power. This global power wont merely come from attending the global summits and events by our leaders- there should be a national greatness as a society, well built culture and also a economy. The country should be free from all social biasness and corrupt activities to achieve that national greatness. However, India today is more concerned about the cow and its protection. Even when there are numerous issues cropping up around, people are more interested to create a religion bias society. A society where Muslims are being targeted in the name of cow and are pushed to forcibly accept devotion of the animal. This is surely not an example of a great nation. Add to that, the forced patriotism in the country where people who shout out ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and stand to the national anthem in the cinema halls are the lone patriots in the country. This is such a biased concept. Freedom to show patriotism should be a personal view and conception and not a forced one. This doesn’t show the greatness of a nation but the thinking process of a crippled few. Even the female section of the country isn’t safe enough. They are being victimized on basis of their tastes, attire and culture. Leave the cases of regular assaults which are increasing day by day. the freedom in cultural portrayal has also been restricted with films being censored and artistic freedom and creative space is diminished totally. These and many signs in the society and economy surely don’t give us a picture of a great nation. It surely highlights the lack of freedom in the country- despite being standing tall in its 70th year of Independence.

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