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Triple talaq ruling today, petitioner's brother says 'its about all sisters'

On Tuesday, a five judge bench of the Supreme Court will give its ruling on a clutch of petitions which have challenged the practice of triple talaq as 'unlawful and unconstituional'.
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Citing differences in chargesheets, SC grants Purohit bail

The Supreme Court on Monday granted bail to Lt Col Shrikant Purohit, an accused in the 2008Malegaon blast case, observing that there were contradictions in the chargesheets filed by the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) and the national Investigation Agency (NIA).
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Funds diverted, drug less health centre told patients: 'Make do'

In the absence of government funds that remained parked illegally with the Srijan Mahila Vikas Sahyog Samiti, a primary health care centre in Sabour block has remained without antibiotics, an ultrasound machine and a woman doctor for years.
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5 km from face-off with China, high alert but conflict far from minds

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Track was under repair, Rlys cracks whip on top officials

Hours after a preliminary probe report indicated that the Kalinga Utkal express derailed due to negligence on the part of those carrying out track maintenance work at Khataudi yard, The Railways Ministry on Sunday sent three top officials, including a Railway Board Member and a Zonal General Manager ‘on leave’ and suspended four others.
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12-yr-old is the first dengue victim this year

A 12-yr-old boy has succumbed to dengue- the first death reported in the national capital this season- official data released by the MCD.
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For prompt action, govt to set up three new juvenile justice boards

In a bid to ‘minimize pendency of cases’, the Delhi government is planning to set up three more juvenile justice boards (JJBs) in the city.
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Ghost Towns

Sold to thousands as the future of urban housing, dozens of societies in Noida and Greater Noida lie unfinished, fuelling anger and anxiety among home buyers.
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Purohit to join but wont be given active duty , says Army

Sources from the Pune-headquartered Southern Command of the Indian Army said that Lt Col Shrikant Purohit will join an Army unit after his release from jail but will not be given any active duty.
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I&B ministry changes IFFI panel amid film screenings

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting changed the International Film festival of India's (IFFI) preview committee, when the screenings for the festival wee mid-way.
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Day after, long wait to take bodies home

Toll climbs to 22, GRP registers FIR and waits for Railways probe report
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8 years before NIA, Karnataka CID probed 'love jihad', found no specific instance

An NIA investigation, based on a Supreme Court order, of whether an inter-religion marriage involving a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl fits into a pattern of what some call 'love-jihad' will not be the first attempt by a police agency to find out if 'love jihad' is for real.
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Petitioner against Art. 35A says she has 'anecdotal' proof that she is from Kashmir

The petitioner behind the second challenge to Article 35A of the Constitution, which accords special rights and priviledges to residents of Jammu and Kashmir, says she has 'anecdotal evidence' to suggest her family is originally from Kashmir, and that they had left it 200 years ago.
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1 tiger, 2 dozen rhinos, hundreds of deer: Flooded Kaziranga counts its 369 dead

Kaziranga National Park, home to the highest number of one-horned rhinos in the world, has lost 369 animals in two successive waves of floods, with the casualty list including nearly two dozen rhinos, one tiger, several elephants and buffaloes and over 250 deer of various species.
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Solution to Doklam deadlock soon: Rajnath

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said that a solution to the 'deadlock' at Dokllam between India and China would be found soon, and hhoped China would make a positive move to resolve the issue
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China blames Indian troops for Pangong incident

China on Monday blamed Indan soldiers for 'violent action' against its troops during a standoff at Pngong Lake in Ladakh on August 15 which led to scuffles and stone pelting and had lodge a protest with India
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Understanding the debate around ‘compassionate capitalism’

Narayana Murthy’s constant battle for ‘democratisation of wealth’ reached a flashpoint last week. The debate on corporate salaries, which has raged for long in both India and the West, is complex
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Gruff warnings and a funny video: reading mixed Doklam signals in the Chinese media

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Winner Takes All

Election Commissioner Rawat’s brave and wise warning against the deforming of political culture must be heeded
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Where freedom has gone

As a society and as individuals, we are quick to succumb to the temptation of being unfree
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Who owns my Data?

A citizen-centric data eco-system is necessary to protect privacy
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Beauty, strategy: the importance of Pangong Tso

An 'incident' involving Indian and Chinese troops took place last week on the banks of the Himalayan lake made famous by Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots. Why is this long, thin finger of breathtaking beauty contested so fiercely by the two countries
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No Mughals in Maharashtra

Because no academic discipline frightens an authoritarian government more than the history of its own country
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Seize the Doklam crisis

India must use this moment to announce a set of long term measures to improve military readiness vis-a-vis China
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Deuba’s diplomacy test

The Prime Minister’s India visit will be closely watched by China
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Doklam foretold

India's future global status will be determined by its competition with China
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Clear the Track

Action against senior Railway officials after Utkal Express tragedy must be followed by systemic changes
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Beware the Trump effect

India does not need a tryst with Trump. Why the two 70-yr-olds should not meet
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How China gained from Partition

Geopolitical legacies of the division remain the biggest drag on India's global aspirations
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New trump Afghan policy may ramp up pressure on Pak

United States President Donald Trump's new policy on the war in Afghnistan, scheduled to be announced late on Monday night, is likely to induce a series of measures designed to coerce Pakistan's military and intelligence services to abandon their support of the Taliban and its affiliated jihadist networks.
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PM to talk jobs, growth with 200 CEOs today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet 200 CEOs on Tuesday- ncluding Rajiv Bbajaj of bajaj Auto, Nikhil Nanda of Escorts, Chandra Shekhar Ghosh of bandhan Bank and Priya Nair of HUL- to seek their views on subjects including job growth, income enhancement, improving economic growth and raising farmer's income.
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GST pulls down India Inc net profit by 15.7%, says report

India Inc's profits plunged by 15.7% to Rs 87,475 crore in the first quarter of the current fiscal, largely owing to destocking of goods by companies before execution of GST regime from July 1, a leading rating agency said in a report.
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Sebi stick falls evenly on erring & better run

Of the total, 162 actively traded companies' financials show that several firms on the Sebi list have operational businesses and have been reporting quarterly revenues and profits on a regular basis


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More than Toilets

The Swachh Bharat Mission, which was launched on 2nd October 2014 and scheduled to culminate by 2nd October 2019 is not only about constructing toilets and providing sanitation facilities across the country but is also about a positive behavioural change of the people. The progress of the SBM so far has been positive with rural sanitation coverage has cropped up from 39% to 67^ in three years of its implementation and with over 230 people stopped defecating out in the open. So far, five states, 186 districts and more than 2,31,000 villages have been declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF). This is a huge boost to the campaign and a tremendous progress figure. However, the major change the mission has brought in is the change in the behaviour of the people and the awareness of the use and need for proper sanitation facilities. The success of the SBM can be credited to the numerous advertisements and through effective communication, education and information for the people. Be it through the use of broadcast advertisements where big names like Amitabh Bachchan is brought into advertise the 'Darwaza Bandh' campaign or the use of interpersonal communication through motivators or swachhagrahis reach the grass root level people to disseminate information and create awareness, the SBM has been successful in all aspects. Once a village has been declared ODF, thereafter comes the process of verification for any gaps or errors in the ODF status takes place. Presently, the verification of the ODF status stands at 56%. The Swachh Bharat Missio has been considered a big step on the part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to change a billion people of a country to accept the mission and change their behaviour and concept towards open defecation.
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Where freedom has gone ?

India is caught up in contradictory tendencies in its 70th Independence year. the prime of them is to transform the country into a global power. This global power wont merely come from attending the global summits and events by our leaders- there should be a national greatness as a society, well built culture and also a economy. The country should be free from all social biasness and corrupt activities to achieve that national greatness. However, India today is more concerned about the cow and its protection. Even when there are numerous issues cropping up around, people are more interested to create a religion bias society. A society where Muslims are being targeted in the name of cow and are pushed to forcibly accept devotion of the animal. This is surely not an example of a great nation. Add to that, the forced patriotism in the country where people who shout out ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and stand to the national anthem in the cinema halls are the lone patriots in the country. This is such a biased concept. Freedom to show patriotism should be a personal view and conception and not a forced one. This doesn’t show the greatness of a nation but the thinking process of a crippled few. Even the female section of the country isn’t safe enough. They are being victimized on basis of their tastes, attire and culture. Leave the cases of regular assaults which are increasing day by day. the freedom in cultural portrayal has also been restricted with films being censored and artistic freedom and creative space is diminished totally. These and many signs in the society and economy surely don’t give us a picture of a great nation. It surely highlights the lack of freedom in the country- despite being standing tall in its 70th year of Independence.

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