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Doklam defused

Almost two and a half months after the start of a standoff between their troops at Doklam, India and China Monday decided to de-escalte and withdraw their soldiers from the site at the trijunction with Bhutan.
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20 years in jail for Dera chief: 'wild beast…damaged heritage of land'

Three days after he convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh of rape, Cbi court judge Jagdeep Singh, wo was flown in a helicopter to Suneria jail near Rohtak Monday, sentenced the Dera Sacha Sauda chief to 20 years 'rigorous imprisonment'- 10 years each for the rape of two disciples.
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Sigh of relief in Bhutan but for its troops, fears remain, fingers crossed

Even as the world's eyes watched China and India face off on the Doklam plateau, Royal Bhutan Army patrols were heading out, unnoticed, into the wall of mountains that mark the kingdom's borders with Tibet.
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Settlement in line with interests of both: China

Setting aside their differences exactly a week before the BRICS summit, China and India Monday signalled the end of the border row in Doklam.
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Gorkhaland site shutd down trade in Nepal town

Locals fret over absence of tourists from Bengal, connect with Gorkhaland cause across Border
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ISRO readies replacement satellite after clock failure

The Indian Space Research Organization will launch a new navigation satellite on August 31 following the failure of IRNSS-1A in a seven satellite constellation due to deficiences in three atomic clocks that are crucial to providing positional information to users on earth, IRNSS-1H, which will replace IRNSS-1, will be launched on board ISRO's workhouse rocket PSLV-C39
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HC to lawyers: We are under watch, don’t prejuudice appeal of convict

Asserting that it is not immune to criticism, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday asked lawyers to exercise restraint and not say anything that could prejudice Gurmeet ram Rahim Singh's appeal against his conviction for rape.
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Six died in firing while leaving Dera headquarters

Of the 38 people killed in the violence in Haryana after the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, six were killed in police firing when thousands of followers were headed towards Sirsa town from the Dera campus.
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Many floods, different, yet similar

The annual flooding of the basins of rivers like the Brahmaputra is difficult to prevent. Not so the increasingly common deluges in India's bigget cities-manmade disasters only exacerbated by unusual rainfall
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Skimming the shallows

Jaggi Vasudev's consciousness talk' shows little understanding of the functio of morality
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Clear the Track

Action against senior Railway officials after Utkal Express tragedy must be followed by systemic changes
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Trump's Pakistan test

US President's new South Asia doctrine threatening Pakistan with dire consequences if it faisl to check jihadists could lead Rawalpindi to revive the policy of strategic defiance
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Curing Rawalpindi

The difficulties of sustaining the current US position do seen insurmountable. But the past is ot always the best guide to the future
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When India meets Switzerland

Wold faces many challenges, which can only be overcome by working together
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Don’t ignore ethical element: FinMin

Acknowledging the stated objective of market participants to maximise returns through algorithmic trading, finance ministry officials said that the importance of 'ethical element' should not be ignored.
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Order from at least a joint secy must during public emergency

To regulate temporary suspension of telecom services during public emergencies, the Centre has made an order from at least a jont secretary level official mandatory for temporarily stopping of services.
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Recognizing drug quality concerns in India signals paradigm shift

After years of constant denial, it appears that in the draft policy, the government is finally ready to aceept that there is a problem with the drugs that are manufactured and sold in India


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Doklam Resolution

The resolution of Doklam standoff shall be duly credited to the wise counsels who helped in defusing the almost two and a half month standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers. Though it was already clear that this standoff would have no winners, the standoff highlighted the military power of the two countries. With such a huge growth of the military sector of both India and China, one can clearly imagine the enormous costs the countries would have incurred in view of a military conflict between them. Both Delhi and Beijing earn diplomatic credit for arriving at a mutual understanding. Understanding and a mutual deal where both troops of both countries would be withdrawn and suspension of the construction of the road near Doklam. The standoff in Doklam witnessed uncharacteristic behaviour on part of China and India. China, in its part, displayed unruly and crude behaviour and actions while India was patient and composed on its part in handling the situation against China. This behaviour of both countries came into the spotlight and many countries took notice of it. Many countries even extended their support with the majority of them standing behind India. As such, China and Beijing should understand that mistake it occurred by underestimating Delhi's political resolve and that it could have paid a big price for its strategic condescension towards India.

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