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First GSt data in: 65% pay Rs. 92,000 cr

The Centre and states have collected Rs 92,283 as Goods and Services Tax (GST) in July, the first month of the implementation of the indirect tax regime.
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India, China faceoff over but Bhutan's talks run into a wall

Talks between Bhutan and China on their border dispute- the root cause of the military standoff on the Doklam plateau which ended Monday with the disengagement of Indian Army and People's Liberation Army troops- are unlikely to take place as scheduled this year despite diplomats having defused the weeks-long crisis, sources familiar with the issue have told The Indian Express
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Remarks against PM, CM not intentional.. Media at fault: Court

The Bench of Punjab and Haryana High Court, which last wekk made references to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister during the hearing of a Public Interest Litigation on the law and oorder situation in the state, said on Tuesday that it was quoted out of context by the media while repoorting the observations.
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Don’t criminalise marital rape, may disturb institution of marriage: Govt

Stating that what 'may appear to be marita rape' to a wide 'may not appear so to others', the central government took a stand against criminalising marital rape, in its affidavit to the Delhi High Court on Monday, on the ground that it 'may destabilise the institution of marriage apart from being an easy tool for harassing the husbands'.
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As plastic piles up after ban, NGT asks govt to find ways to get rid of it

The National Green Tribunal Tuesday asked the Delhi government to find ways to dispose of over 8,000 kg of plastic that was seized after a ban, imposed by the tribunl, came into effect earlier this month.
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Citizen's team finds Kashmir waitig for talks, PM I-Day words

Some gains by police, but officials admit more needed on ground, including good administration
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Made of 'different mitti', we finish projects we start: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said thathis government believes in completing hat it starts, unlikke the previous dispensation, and that it is made up of people 'from a different kind of mitti (clay)'.
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Modi to visit China for BRICS summit

India Tuesday announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to China's Xiamen to attend the BRICS summit from September 3 to 5
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Rain brings Mumbai to standstill

Amd fears of a repeat of the July 2005 deluge, the Indian Meteorological Department's weather station in suburban Mumbai recorded 315.8 mm of rain in 12 hours ending 8.30 pm on Tuesday, the highest such 12 hour precipitation ever recorded in Mumbai since the 944 mm rainfall recorded on July 26, 2005.
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Goods train services resume for NE states

Movement of trains to Assam and the Northeast resumed after 17 days on Tuesday with the railways moving a goods train on the line earlier damaged by floods between Sudhani and Telta stations in Bihar.
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At Gorakhpur hospital, 42 children die over two days

Forty two children died over two days until Tuesday at Gorakhpur's BRD Medical College and Hospital's neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) and paediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
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Dera violence: HC wants SIT to monitor cases

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday ordered the constitution of Special Investigation Teams for monitoring cases registered for the incidents of violence in Punjab and Haryana on the day Dera Sacha Sauda chief was convicted in a rape case and restrained the two state governments from canceling any FIRs without its permission
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Behind Mumbai flood, cruel August

Had so much rainfall happened in May or June, the situation in Mumbai might have been less severe, says meteorological office: elsewhere in the country, distribution of rainfall this year is the reason why most flood-prone areas have actually suffered floods
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Opening New Doors

The Right to Privacy affirms, for the 21st century, the vision of a 'constitutional renaissance'.
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Unease of Doing Business

Niti Aayog survery shows starting a business remains a difficult task. Government should probe why
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Lakes of Fire

The froth spewing from them in Bengaluru is a symptom of a pervasive urban problem- the discharge of untreated sewage into water bodies
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North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan, raises tension again

Us President Donald Trump warned on Tuesday that all options are on the table for the United States to respond to North Korea's firing og a ballistic missile over northern Japan's Hokkaido island into the sea in a new show of force.


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Eastern Turbulence

The eastern region of India is chock-a-block with protests roiling in different areas. No sooner had the leaders of Gorkhaland left for Kolkata to negotiate with the West Bengal government on its demands, the Bodo areas of Assam witnessed protests with a huge number of women blocked the national highway to Assam. Bodo groups like the All Bodo Students Union also renewed mobilisations for the demand of a seperate Bodoland state. This protest blockade has disrupted trade as well as transportation links to the rest of Northeast. The state is already reeling under a disastrous spate of floods which have affected many lives. To top its woes, now the Bodoland protest. The Government should handle the situation tacticly and made sure the protest doesn't turn violent. The Gorkhaland protest has affected the lives of the people and caused hardship to the local population. The tea and tourism industry- which are the lifelines of the local people have been badly affected. Both the Gorkhaland and the Bodoland protest have one thing in common- the need for communal identity and its representation. The cycle of identity politics needs to be checked. It is a serious issue which would cause further identity protests from the other communities living in the two states. Both Assam and Bengal have a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic society characteristics. As such, if the demand for Gorkhaland or Bodoland is accepted today, it would lead to the demand from the other ethnic groups prevailing in both the countries. As such, the states should play safe.

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