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August 05 ,2017


Guwahati, August 05, 2017 ‘’Assam has more than 15 lakh educated youths which are unemployed and accordioning to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (2016), Assam produces approximately 2.1 Lakh graduates each year. These are the demographic dividends and assets of Assam’’-it was reported in a roundtable discussion on the topic of ‘’Youth of Assam and Civil Services: A Visio”, organsied by the civil service training institute - the North-East Institute of Advanced Studies. While speaking in the roundtable discussion, Dr. Rohini Kumar Baurah, former Bureaucrat and Dr. Abu Naser Saied Ahmed, Founder Director of OKDISCD stated that Assam and Assamese people are struggling with numerous socio-political and economic issues, ranging from demographic transitions to lack of industrial growth; politics of identity crisis to poor agriculture productions, weak infrastructure development to distortion in higher education system. To tackle and mitigate these age-old problems of Assam, we need strong and able leadership at all level from (bottom to top) and particularly, we need a breed of Assamese bureaucrats, who could emphatically understand the problems and find solutions.

Ranjit Sehkar Mooshahary, former Governor of Assam and Dr. A.C. Bhagawati, Former VC of Arunachal University highlighted that unemployment, particularly, educated unemployment, is a persisting problem. Government data show acceleration in the number of job applicants in the employment exchanges in Assam. The number was below one lakh ( 98, 951 to be precise) in 1972 but shot up to 20, 79, 558 in 2009 and stood at 19, 11, 431 in 2013-14. During the 40 years (1972- 2013), unemployment rose by 19.32 times. On the other hand, during the census period (1971- 2011), population rose by 2.13 time. Rise in unemployment is more explosive than the increase in population.

Moderating the discussion, Dr. Dharaidhar Mali, Founder Director of the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship proposed to establish an Economic Development Centre for advanced research and advocacy, which is decided to be hosted by the North East Institute of Advanced Studies (Northeast-IAS). Against the backdrop of unemployment problem, Northeast-IAS is currently taking up professional training and mentoring programmes in Guwahati. The institute is now providing free 10 months civil service coaching to more than 182 number of brilliant youth of the northeast states and aims to produce 100 civil servants in 5 years time from the state. The institute envisions that these future civil servants could understand the problems and aspirations of the people of Assam and could be the ‘’change-agents’’ in triggering socio-economic transformation in Assam.