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Chinese road building team enters Arunchal, India seizes equipment

Months after the two countries de-escalated from a stand-off at Doklam on the Sikkim-Bhutan border, the Indian Army and Indo Tbetan Border Police (ITBP) have foiled a Chinese attempt to build a track on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Tuting area of Arunachal Pradesh.

My nuke button is bigger, Trump to Kim

President Trump again raised the prospect of nuclear war with North Korea, boasting in strikingly playground terms on Tuesday night that he commands a 'much bigger' and 'more powerful' arsenal of devastating weapons than the outlier government in Asia.

Govt to infuse Rs 7,577 cr into six weak public sector banks

Decks are being cleared for capital infusion of rs 7577 crore into six weak public sector banks (PSBs)- which are reeling under huge bad loans- as part of the government's recapitalisation plan to clean their balance sheets.

Depositores need not have any apprehensions: Govt

The Finance Ministry on Wednesday sought to allay fears of a massive loss by depositors in case a bank faces insolvency under a proposed law, stressing that the controversial bail-in clause is unlikely to be applicable to over 98% of depositors.


Caste Adrift

With tensions erupting in Maharashtra, allegations and counter allegations start in the forefront. As the State Government is seen taking a backfoot leap, fresh allegations of incitement by various sections who are close to Hindutva groups are emerging by Dalit leaders as well as the Opposition. According to a narrative by the Hindutva apologists, a speech by Jignesh Mevani in a rally is to be blamed for the flare-up. During the speech, Jignesh Mevani called for a plea befitting the Ambedkarite legacy and to end the peshwai of caste domination and capitalist dominations. This has led to the eruption of street violence in the wake- violence which is not an answer to any protest or issue. The present situation in Maharashtra only depicts the multiple cracks of its society. The Dalits are frustrated due to their pathetic treatment by the other classes of the society. Over the recent years, the Maratha community of Maharashtra is mobilized hugely across the state. This is occurring not only across the roads but also through silent marches and in the minds of the people and especially the youth. There have been bizarre situations and clashes between these two communities on an unidentified brink. Moreover, trapped by the political economy of today and political bankruptcy situation, the communities have fallen back upon three things- the mutual suspicion, assertion of caste pride/identity as well as a confrontation in the history and memory. This would surely lead to inter-community violence. The present situation of the Maharashtra society is also due to another reason- the Brahmin and the non-Brahmin division. It also brings to light three major circumstances of the society- the Brahmin-non-Brahmin crack, the Dalit-Maratha crack and the divisions internal to caste blocs which are strengthening the caste identities rather than weakening them.