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North East Institute of Advanced Studies [NE-IAS] has been playing key roles in introducing leadership development among the youth of Northeast and promoting original research works in the field of socio-economic development of northeast India.
Northeast-IAS has been founded with a vision to make high quality professional education and training available at doorstep with the guidance and assistance of nationally acclaimed trainers and mentors who have achieved benchmark in their fields by consistent success records.

Northeast-IAS  is a mission driven training institute with its mission of producing 100 civil servants [Mission 100] in 5 years time period aiming to develop a ‘breed of new administrative leaders’ in North East India, who could act as change -agents for transforming our North-Eastern region in social, economic and public administration fronts.
Each year, Assam receives approximately 4,00,000 educated youth. These are the demographic dividends and assets of Assam. Northeast IAS takes pledge to train up these youths for 'Competitive ready' both fo training and mentoring by providing foundation programme on competitive examination and skilled based vocation opportunity to 3,33,000 youths of 33 districts of Assam in 05 years period (2019-2023). Out of these 3,33,000 youth 33,000 students (1000 per district) will be trained up in the institute for competitive examination wing.